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For over four years, Doggie Wox has been serving the pets and families of Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. We love caring for animals and creating nurturing relationships. We provide walks, meals, any needed medication, and lots of luvs with the highest quality care while you're away.


Our Mission

At Doggie Wox, our goal is not only to provide high-quality, professional animal care, but also to create lasting relationships with customers and animals while strengthening our local community. We pride ourselves on giving our customers peace of mind, assuring them that their dogs will not only be physically cared for, but psychologically cared for and loved. The happiness of our animals and their families has always been our top priority.  


Personalized Animal Care

No two dogs' needs are alike, so we personalize our care to meet our customers and their dogs' individual needs. Our rates are competitive and are based on the specific services that we provide to our customers.

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Whether you're leaving town for a week and need a dog sitter or need an every day, reliable and consistent dog walker, Doggie Wox has you covered. Send us a message or give us a call because we're always willing to help!

Doggie Wox

Bryn Mawr, PA